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  • Financial Independencein Australia’s Financial Landscape: which covers the purpose of social benefits, how to engage with financial institutions, budgeting, creating income sources, how to save and, setting and achieving their financial goals.
  • Law and Order: learn about how the legal system works in Australia, law enforcement, your rights and responsibilities in areas of employment (pay, injury at work and entitlements).
  • Health & Well-being: find out how to manage your physical and mental health and well being as we cover topics from general hygiene, sexual health, diet and exercise.
  • Family Relationships: become familiar with the major concerns parents have with their children from technology and the internet to child welfare regulations, the role of parents in Australia.


  • Financial Counseling: get help with managing debt, disputes/difficulties paying debtors, individual help with budgeting, and tax/superannuation.
  • Legal Consulting: get help with your individual queries and circumstances.
  • Family Dispute Consulting: You can also request a family mediation service that will help you overcome difficult situations within the family. This service operate under complete confidentiality
  • Education Consulting: We deliver cultural awareness training and support for schools and teachers to help ensure children that are integrating don’t get left behind. In addition we also offer student and parental counseling and support to take the necessary step to integrate and become productive members in our society.
  • Environmental Management: Environment and social impact & Assessment for development projects.
  • Business Analytics: Linear & Non-linear Optimization.
  • Business Innovation: Design Thinking for business Innovation.


  • Tutoring: We offer primary and high school tutoring services for; Art, English, Dance,  Math, Music, Science, ICT, Languages and general homework help