About Us

We maximise active participation of multicultural communities through the delivery of tailored services, consultancy, advocacy and capacity building.

Our History

Multicultural Consulting Services (MCS) was established in 2013 to provide recruitment services.  In 2016 after identifying the need of communities for more culturally appropriate and holistic services we expanded our scope of services to respond to these needs.  As a result, we created a broad range of services which include consulting, employment, housing, training and education, health and family well-being and business and entrepreneurship in collaboration with service providers, small businesses, government departments and private sector to create further opportunities to empower communities.

We work with disadvantaged individuals, new migrants, unemployed and recently retrenched, disengaged youth, early school leavers, and graduates from diverse multicultural communities in and around Melbourne.

Our Mission

To create opportunities and maximise social, economic, political and cultural participation of multicultural communities through the delivery of tailored services.

Our vision

Full participation and access to opportunities for all.

Aims & Objectives

  • To provide specialised and customised service for multicultural communities.
  • To facilitate capacity building for job readiness and job placement.
  • To provide tailored services to migrants based on their need for settlement in Australia.
  • To increase the economic, social and cultural participation of individuals and families and contribute to social cohesion in Victoria.
  • To provide friendly, culturally appropriate service and information delivery.
  • To liaise between service providers, government departments, individuals and communities.
  • To maximise the understanding and recognition of cultural diversity and promote multiculturalism in the community.

What's Holding You Back?


Building skills and creating careers

Staff on Demand Solutions is a recruitment company dedicated to placing jobseekers in suitable employment based on the skills in demand and future labour market needs. We aim to provide employment solutions and equip our clients with the necessary employability skills.


Accelerating small businesses for diverse communities

The Footscray Business Hub is a social enterprise organisation set up to help aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business achieve success through our tailored individual programs and workshops. The business hub also offers co-working space for businesses and individuals looking to work near the city.


Creating housing opportunities

Affordable Housing services provides information and referrals to help displaced individuals find suitable and affordable accommodation by utilizing a network of real-estate agents, landlords and developers.


Health & wellbeing services for individuals and families

Western Care provides tailored care to emerging multicultural communities in collaboration with service providers and government agencies. We provide holistic support services to access home care, disability, consulting and counselling services.